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Bank size: Large
Engraving font option: Font 1


The alphabet piggy bank is made of a combination of beech wood and acrylic, displaying a unique and charming design that appeals to both children and adults. Carefully crafted to exude warmth and craftsmanship.

The main body of the piggy bank is made of high-quality beech wood, carefully chosen for its durability and natural beauty. The wood is polished and smoothly finished, ensuring a tactile experience that is pleasing to the touch. Its warm tones and visible grain patterns add a touch of rustic charm.

Complementing the wooden structure, a transparent acrylic panel is securely affixed to one side of the piggy bank. The clear panel serves as a window into the child's growing savings, allowing them to see the coins and banknotes accumulate over time. This visual element creates a sense of excitement and accomplishment, motivating the child to save even more.

*** How to withdraw money? ***
In order to withdraw the saved money, the child needs to unscrew the set screw on the base of the piggy bank. This feature adds an element of anticipation and engagement, as children eagerly await the moment they can get their savings back. It also teaches them the importance of patience and careful consideration when making financial decisions.

Each piggy bank can be engraved with your child's name or words of encouragement for him/her.

*** Alphabet Piggy Bank product details ***
Material: Beech wood + Acrylic
Technology: Laser engraving
Engraving color: White
SIZE - Both are 1.18" (3 cm) thick
● Large - 9" (height) * 9" (width)
● Small - 7" (height) * 7" (width)

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