Suncatchers for Windows Amethyst Gemstone Sun Catcher

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Color: Citrine
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Nothing is better than having a sun catcher on your window, which deals with your anxiety and depression level. If you are willing to scatter awesome shades in your bedroom, drawing room, or kitchen then these splendid crystals are made for you.

When direct sunlight hits these high-quality crystals they cast beautiful rainbows onto your room walls. These attractive and shimmering gemstones hangings are handmade and they help lightning your day!

Key Features-

This super glossy sun catcher has a 21.87" chain.

This eye-catching suncatcher consists of amethyst, brass, and reflective gemstones that can glorify your emotion.

The little rainbow light brings smiles and joy to your warm home! You can choose between 5 different styles of suncatcher.

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