Empty Groomsmen Gift Box

Box Size: Standard size


These well-made box helps you create personalized and memorable gifts. which are perfect gifts for Wedding Party, Business Party, Anniversary, Birthday, Christmas, your Groomsman, Best Man, Husband, Boss, Business Partner and your Family Members.

You can put inside some cigars or small liquor bottles or whatever gifts you have prepared.

The boxes come in two sizes and they are built super strong to last a lifetime. I believe the box will warm with memories for many years to come.

1) Standard Box:
The internal size: 7.28'' x 2.16'' x 2.16''
The external size: 7.87'' x 2.76'' x 2.76''

2) Big Box:
The internal size: 7.28'' x 7.28'' x 2.16''
The external size: 7.87'' x 7.87'' x 2.87''

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